Emily grew up in Coastal Connecticut making stops in New York and Providence along the way. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2008 from the Jewelry & Metalsmithing program.

Following RISD, Emily started to create multi-media paintings. She spent the following ten years of her life devoted to showing, selling and creating art. It was despite a devastating spinal cord injury that Emily kept persevering with her process with paint. Nothing stopped her. Not even paralysis.

She has shown throughout the east Coast. She has won three separate awards for her achievements in art since becoming injured and has had both the National Endowment for the Arts and State of Connecticut put on her first solo show consisting of a large body of work. She has shown her paintings throughout the Bay Area and has exhibited her work at the Science and Non Duality (SAND) conference in San Jose in 2016. She continues to paint and show her work presently in Oakland. She was invited to do an Artist Residency at Flax Art and Design in Oakland where she led a community painting project.

Her process embodies the feminine with glimpses into her subconscious, organically creating lush, dark, active landscapes that pull the viewer into a world of exploration of texture evoking and emanating the earth’s source of wisdom and information. In some cases, her work is evocative and is applied in an intuitive way.

She compares painting to the additive process she applied to porcelain hand building at RISD. It’s deliberate. She approaches paint the way she worked with clay: in an organic way with an emphasis on color, texture, and layers of paint. This allows her to create depth the way she once did with her three dimensional work and studies at RISD.